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Government, Law and Society

This document hopes to integrate political contexts into common reading practices, to show the impact of politics on daily life. With collections that don't compress issues into four-minute morality plays (as the television news do at their most comprehensive), this collection may enable readers to find connections with peoples around the world who live under the global socioeconomic system which affects us all. This hypertext is under development; if you have any problems (or comments or criticism), send mail to <webmaster@eserver.org>.

Political Theory

Though primary documents of political work (laws, decrees and court decisions) effect changes in social organization, they are be difficult to read, seldom contextualize themselves by citing what interests are served by their passage, and always act on behalf of a specific theory of political relations. Political theory examines and shapes the structures which govern. Here are some basic texts which view political phenomena through theoretical language, to advocate particular beliefs about social, economic, and political order.
  • Bad Subjects
  • Civics and Government Collection
  • Civil Society and Politics
  • Classless Society
  • Cycles in Social Movements
  • Dialectic & Social Criticism
  • Discussion about the CCCS
  • Economy, Politics, Ideology
  • Feudalism, Capitalism and Socialism
  • Fight the Right Action Kit
  • Future of Marxism
  • Geography, Poverty, & Politics
  • Gramsci Rush
  • Habermas-Destruction of Reason
  • Hamilton, et al: Federalist Papers
  • Hobbes-Leviathan
  • Lenin: State and Revolution
  • Locke: 2nd Essay on Government
  • Locke: Concerning Toleration
  • Machiavelli: The Prince
  • Mandel-Gordon Debate
  • Marx and Engels
  • Marx vs Malthus
  • Monotheism and Its Discontents
  • My Trip to Jail
  • On de Tocqueville
  • Paine-Common Sense
  • Personal Troubles/Public Issues
  • Political Communication and Public Opinion
  • Political discourse on the Net
  • Political Documents
  • Political Journals
  • Population Essay
  • Silences of Capital
  • Smith: A Memory of Marxism
  • Socialism for Skeptics
  • Socialism, Cold War, Chomsky
  • Swift: A Modest Proposal
  • Theoretical Status of Marxism
  • Trotsky: Fighting Fascism
  • Wage-Labor Scholarship
  • Wasserman and Solomon: Killing Our Own

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